Protection Control and Automation Engineering

We Design Build Test and Commission Protection Panels and Automation Systems

Specialize in IEC 61850 Based Automation and Protection Relay Systems and DNP3


Our services

Installation Services

Professional Relay Installation

Our expert technicians specialize in the installation of a wide range of electrical relays, ensuring that your systems are equipped with the most reliable and advanced components available.

We handle:

  • Protective Relays: Essential for safeguarding your electrical systems from overloads, faults, and other issues.

  • Control Relays: Used for a variety of applications, ensuring seamless control and automation of electrical circuits.

  • Time Delay Relays: Providing precise timing operations for sequential control processes.


Build Services

Our team excels in creating custom-designed panels tailored to meet your specific operational needs. Our services include:

  • Detailed Design: Crafting precise panel designs that ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

  • Layout Planning: Strategically planning the layout to maximize space utilization and accessibility.

  • Component Selection: Choosing the best components that meet industry standards and your unique requirements.

  • We can convert schemes into fully documented and wired hardware with complete functional testing that is ready for installation and energization.


Configuration Services

Expert Configuration and Troubleshooting Services

Our team provides specialized configuration services for Real-Time Automation Controllers (RTAC) and Ethernet switches along with other Protection and Automation relays to ensure your systems operate smoothly and efficiently.

  • Relay Programming: Configure protective relays according to specific protection schemes.

  • SCADA Integration: Integrate protection panels with SCADA systems for remote monitoring and control.

  • PLC Programming: Develop and implement PLC programs to automate protection and control processes.

  • System Analysis: Thoroughly assessing your specific requirements and existing infrastructure.

  • Customized Setup: Tailoring the configuration of Relays and Ethernet switches to meet your operational needs.

  • Integration: Ensuring seamless integration and communication between all components.