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Color is a product of reflection. It is created through either a transparent medium or absorbed and reflected off a surface. Colors are the light wavelengths that the human eye receives and processes from a reflected source. When we see a color, we see the light reflected in a particular section of the spectrum.
Look at my hat! My glasses! How iconic am I?
Various factors impact colors in photography, including the time of day and year, the season, light, weather, and camera skills and equipment. A photographer must understand where colors come from and how they’re perceived. It’s also important to recognize how light can shape and shift color. Once mastered, you’ll look through your camera lens in a new way.

The Color Wheel

In 1666, while studying white light reflecting off prisms, Newton noticed that the light reflected a spectrum of colors. He mapped these colors into the first color wheel, creating the original ROY G BIV color scheme. Newton saw how a rainbow of colors shared a harmonious relationship through these hues. The 12 basic colors are divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary

Lighting 101

Learning how to light is one of the most awesome doors you can walk through as a photographer; After all, Photography literally means writing with light. Light determines not just the way your photos look but how they feel. Controlling light is no different than perfecting your prose or painting a portrait.

This beginner-level lighting course was designed to teach the skills I’ve learned over thirty years as a photographer by both profession and passion. Here, you'll learn the basics of using off-camera flash to create beautiful light and professional-looking photos.

Lighting 101, 102, and 103 are all free courses, and any gear you may need will be incredibly cheap compared to the cost of your camera itself. This is not a course for smartphone photographers. No insult intended; you’ll just need a camera that lets you fully control the shutter and aperture settings and
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Composition 101

What differentiates a good photo from an amazing one? Is it the type of lens used to capture the shot? The cost of the camera? The settings? While all of these things play a part, image composition is what makes a fabulous photo stand out from the mediocre crowd.

We’re going to take a look at some of the rules of composition that you can follow to up your photography game. Like all good rules, those involved in photography can be bent or broken when needed, but you should learn to follow them first.

Photo composition is the way elements and objects you capture are placed within the shot. Good picture composition is balanced, with just the right amount of detail. A well-composed shot will guide the viewer's eye throughout the frame, keeping their interest. In fact, even the most boring subject can be turned into an exciting

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